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GM Application
Name / IGN: IvanMC/ IvanGOD 

Guild: The Notorious

Age: 23

Sex: Male

Residence + Timezone: Philippines/(GMT+8)

Discord ID: example; 1vanMC#9158

(Spooned#0001 not available)


A bit about yourself:  I love computer games, and since flyff was my first game during my days i like to communicate with others. im a callcenter agent so i like talking with foreigns. i played basketball or badminton sometimes but most of the time i spend my hours on using computer.
Experience on FlyFF & Empress: i always like playing flyff since it was my first game, i stop when i was 17 years old because its been closed. now i saw something in facebook and it was empress and i tried playing and i was amazed it gave me chills. the players was so friendly they help me with the how and what so i stayed and play.

Availability during a regular week:  8hours Morning-afternoon/ Weekends 24/7

Previous staff experience: None

What are your biggest weaknesses? Maybe failure thats why i keep my job firm and i make sure things will always worked out.

What are your biggest strengths?  First of all is my family and my son they gave me strength to do my job right and good,  I’m highly organized, and I’ve applied my natural skill for organizing people ingame and out.

Why should we hire you? Im a very hard working person, trustworthy and active i do my job great and im willing to do anything and learn more for the game. and im loyal to the game since i played it.

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