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Name/ In game name: Ray Kenneth M. Fernandez / Khey
Guild: Real Quick
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Residence + Timezone: Philippines (GMT+8)
Discord ID: khey#7221
Languages: Filipino:Ilocano/Tagalog/English

A bit about yourself: Bachelor's Degree Computer Engineering and now I'm taking Information Technology. Flyff is only mmorpg i played since I was 6yrs old til 15yrs old I stopped playing when I enter College life to fulfill all my dreams.

Availability during a regular week: Flexy time 

Previous staff experience:Admin at Forgotten Paradise (2012) /  Owner Sky Flyff (2014) GM at Siege Flyff (2018). I've been developer once(2015)

What are your biggest weaknesses? to saw may parents suffering from their sick .

What are your biggest strengths? I'm fast learner willing to learn new 

Why should we hire you? As you see in the Empress server I'm always online 24/7 . I loved farming and boss hunting and helping for those newbies , especially Guild Siege. and I have experienced a lot . my past server as an admin/gm they didn't regret they hire me as gm . Probably I love the game play of the server even if there's a lot of issue I stayed loyal to this server . that's why now I am here applying to be admin or gm . I hope I'll get lucky to be choose . 
anyways , not being an arrogant , I'm slightly rich kid , and I will never do the same as ejay and spirit . I don't need money I really hated thieves. 

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