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GM Application
Name / IGN: Pau Pau / IGN: Demeter
Guild: None  Sad (Solo Gamer)
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Residence + Timezone: Philippines (GMT+8)
Discord ID: PauPau#2700
Languages: Filipino/Tagalog(Lv10), English(Lv8-9)

A bit about yourself:
Experience on FlyFF & Empress:
2years on Flyff PH Official Server, 2-3 not whole years on different Flyff Pserver.

Availability during a regular week:
I'm free mostly afternoon to evening everyday except Monday and Tuesday. Sometimes not free on weekends.

Previous staff experience:
I've been Event GM once on Musara Flyff(2017)

What are your biggest weaknesses?
Cockroach ?  Undecided

What are your biggest strengths?
High alcohol tolerance  Big Grin

Why should we hire you?
I don't have practical achievements and experience being GM(Game Master) like other candidates but I really want to practically explore and experience joy in game. And I think i have a qualifications that make me the best fit to it.  It will be my honor to play with you. Now I'm ready to spread my wings to become one of your staff. Fly For Fun. Big Grin

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