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GM Application
Big Grin 
Name / IGN: Jay Cordero / Vicious
Guild: Reign
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Residence + Timezone: Philippines (GMT+8)
Discord ID: VICIOUS#3931
Languages: Filipino/Tagalog(Lv10), English(Lv9)

Experience on FlyFF & Empress:
I started playing FlyFF ever since i was a kid maybe at age of 12 years old(If i remember correctly). I've played the official server here in the philipines for about 2years i guess. I played
 several private servers as well(I forget most of the names of it) Recently Flyff Iblis v16(actively played for a year) Prologic Flyff( 5months active) lastly Playpark Flyff as beta tester and played in the official opening for 2months.

Availability during a regular week: 
- Can online 24/7 (If needed)
- Can provide activeness in terms of the said position
- Professionalism (Personal interest set aside)

Previous staff experience:
None. I'm a frkin' virgin

What are your biggest weaknesses?
Lazy. I'm lazy as fvck at stuff that i really don't like. But i'm very active at things that i like and interested to.

What are your biggest strengths?
My greatest strength is that i'm a fast learner. For as long as someone teaches me.

Why should we hire you?
If ever you'll hire me, i will be active the best i can. Specifically, i will be active in hosting Siege (Ofc because I'm a player myself). Can host events (Following the higher GM's instructions).

As for interest in the said position, I am aware that I can't make items and unnecessarily giving stuff to players. I would be happy to be trained and to learn what a GM should do and not to do.

More power!

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