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GM Application
Nickname: Nel
IGN: rNeL / Taba
Guild: BALIW / theWeakest
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Residence + Timezone: Philippines (GMT+8)
Discord ID: rnel#1620
Languages: Tagalog/little bit English

A bit about yourself: I like playing online games forever Big Grin no game no life

Experience on FlyFF & Empress: FlyFF was the first Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game that I played, Since Elementary until now I played Flyff private server

Availability during a regular week: Morning , Afternoon and Evening

Previous staff experience: [Admin]-Undead Flyff / [GM]-Tempest Flyff /

What are your biggest weaknesses? Speaking English Big Grin

What are your biggest strengths? Ability to learn from minstake

Why should we hire you? Because i will create my own server soon and i will shared my ideas to your server to fast grow community

[Image: 4zfm25sg]

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